About us

Kong Fung Packaging Products Factory Limited was established in 2006. We are one of the leading clear plastic box manufacturers in China.
Our main products are PET boxes, PP boxes, PVC boxes, clear shoe boxes and different kinds of vacuum packs (blisters).


In order to protect our environment, we are using new materials for production of our packaging products.  For example, we are using Biodergradable PET, Biodergradable PP, Plantifiber Material (PFM) and Recycled PET (RPET).

Instead of milky glue, we are the leader in using clear and environmentally friendly glue to glue PET and PP folding boxes since 2006.

Thanks to our experienced engineers, artists and workers and all fully auto machines imported from U.S.A., Germany, Japan and other countries, we produce very good quality clear packaging boxes and blisters.  Therefore, some famous brand names choose to cooperate with us.  For example, Loreal, Sears and Skullcandy, etc.

We put most of our attention to the quality of our products. We have QC to check every step of  production. From raw material to sheeting, to printing, to creasing and finally pasting. All clear plastic boxes are checked at the final step after pasting to make sure every piece of our products is good quality for shipping to customers. Each piece of clear plastic box is wrapped by poly film to prevent scratching or sometimes, just leave the protective film on clear box to prevent scratching.   

Our mission : Continue to improve the quality of our products, to be the best of the best in clear packaging industry in the world.

Our philosophy is very simple : Our customer's success is our success !

Please visit our china website : http://www.kongfung.com.cn